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Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all fathers...

Most recently my father was in hospital.  I flew to be at his side.  During that time I thought of all the moments we had together (both good and bad) for each moment had given me much to appreciate.

Observing the complexity of a family(ies) and their relationships, I had observed for most of my life the challenges of "being their for one another".

My mother has always told me this phrase,
"Today you are my Daughter and I'm your Mother...Tomorrow you will be a Mother and have your Daughter"

That phrase is such a powerful statement.

Sure there's no children in my life but guess what, I GOT it!!!

But most people who I know DON'T get it... They think that treating or not treating their parents with respect, caring and love that when it's their turn that such things won't happen to them.    We are all products of our parents and even though at times there's much disagreement .. maybe that's why there's generation gaps... our parents are still our parents nothing can change that.

I chose not to wear blinders and be open to the changes of life.... cause one day I; too, will be experiencing similarly to my parent. I have a duty to my parent as they age to be there for them.   They brought me in to this world, did their best to raise me, teach me their philosophy, protect me, provide me with a loving and caring home, and most of all they gave me unconditional love and for that I'm most grateful.

As I sat there in the hospital watching over my father, I had a flashback when I was bedridden sick that I could hardly get up and slept most of the time.  My father made fresh soup and sat at my side and feed me that wonderful soup.  I barely remember anything else during that time except for seeing him holding me up and lifting that spoon to my lips for me to eat.  His face full of hope and yet concerned about me....At my side he kept at it for days until I was much stronger and could feed for myself.

Today I'm at his side holding him in my arm and giving him the hope, strength and love to overcome this.  Today I'm also at the side of my mother giving her the much needed support... She has been running with him back and forth since late last year....and with this current situation and the thought of surgery she truly needed support, strength, a break, and much love.

I'm very fortunate that I have an honest and open relationship with both my parents.  They know that they can count on me and not only me but my partner their adopted son... Ron.  I'm grateful to have such an amazing husband.   We've been through a lot (the stories I could tell).... We work and provide support to one another's parents as they start to encounter the challenges of life.

I've learned much from both my parents as I observed how they treated their parents (my grandparents) and as I am treating my parents today that my mother's phrase,
"Today you are my daughter and I'm your mother...Tomorrow you will be a mother and have your daughter" is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.    And had I had children; I too, would have taught them just that---To value your parents because one day you would be one and you would want your children to see how you value your parents and for them to value you too.

Thank you FATHER and MOTHER for teaching me that.

Happy Father's Day Papi.  I love you very much and I'm honored to be your daughter and grateful that you're my father.

         (c) 2006-Current -All context and photos by Sybarite13


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