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Kit Project: 9"x5" LED Clock kit

A while back during my visit to the:
Part 1: Maker Faire... WOW  
I bought a kit from Karl Papadantonakis who 
designed and displayed his kit during the Maker 
Faire in Austin 2007.  His website: 
in case you want to build one for yourself.

Here's my finished 9"x5" LED Clock in bright 
RED but you can get it in Blue.


It's quite big and it's very bright.  I created an outter frame from 
parchment paper to help defuse the LED.  Pretty cool effect.

This kits was easy to put together.  The instructions were clear, well 
written and had diagrams for each steps. Karl also explained what an 
LED is and how to indentify the parts when making the wiring conncetions.   
Another very cool thing about this project was NO soldering. All the connections 
were made by twisting the wires together.  AWESOME!!!!  Especially for kids 
who don't own a soldering iron or for those parents who are afraid that their child 
might get hurt while soldering.

I took my time making sure the connections were accurate and well done.   Once 
I finished building the clock it was time to test it.  According to the instructions,  I 
pressed and held the pushbutton down as I plugged in the cord and then released 
the pushbutton.   I pressed the button several times cycling through the LED pairs 
testing the wiring connections.  I went throught all the set of pairs wonderfully.  

Now I was excited. 

I had to unplugged it and replugged it without holding down the pushbutton.
Now the clock was ready to have the time set and the brightness adjusted.

It works wonderfully.  I ran and got my camera and took the 
above photo.  Looks very cool sitting on top of my bookcase.  

I highly recommend this kit because it was easy, fun to do, and you can 
always use a clock.  Cheers ~Evelyn

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