September 4th, 2014


Why o Why?

Why O why?  If one were to do some of the things that are so common today such as rigging a system and getting away with would be on easy street with no accountability for their action.  And yet a honest person can't seem to move forward and even earn a decent living.

What the hell has happened to the middle class?  It's not the lack of's not the lack skills, it's not stupidity--something shifted and it shifted in a way that has not only hurt the middle class but it is wiping out the middle class.

I ask you, those whom feed off the middle class to poor's back when IS it enough??? When will you acknowledge and be held account for your action or there lack of that has created such a non-condusive environment in this great country of ours.

It's a shame that USA has lost is status.  I see other countries doing more for it's people and in return those countries are kicking our arses.  How could this have happened?

What are the forces making this country of ours so polarized?  What the hell happened? Don't people genuinely care anymore?

I hear and see talks about improving situations and yet the solutions presented seems to have a string attached to it that gets yanked out from underneath most of the time.  D
amn it..this scratched record is on repeat... when will this shit change, pardon my frustration.  But it's time to break that record.

Again things are so polarized, racism is alive and well and in its every form...Globally everyone should respect one another in this is a f**k'n small planet and at the rate that things are's just a matter of time before there is no more, and then what?!? wait for a miracle?  a magical force to intervene and everything will be good as new like in a story book.... THINK AGAIN... what you do today, you will ultimately pay. If not you then your loved ones that follows.

Are people conscious of their action? Do they even care? Is this modern day society so narcissistic and detached from the real world human interaction that they just don't give a damn anymore?

I love technology and see the wonderful benefits that some have to offer but other parts of technology; sadly to say, has fueled such detachment. It's an illusion which I don't know if it helps or hinders.