December 23rd, 2014


Thank you from an artist

I take pride in what I do, I strive to do it well and I'm rewarded when I see others enjoying my work.  One of my personal goals is to bring back the "USA made" to truly mean made in the USA.  It's challenging but I'm a firm believer that we can do it. As I work and strive to provide top quality work, I'm grateful to you who made the choice to buy from me.  Not only did you help me but you also helped all those who were involved in the creations of my work.

I thought about how my creations helped to improve people's lives.   Not just those who are buying my creations but with their purchases are helping me to help many families earn a living.

As I sit here humbled by the interactive links of life, I realized how much we trust people to do the right thing.  How we take for granted the everyday things such as goods and services, maybe that's why I love watching "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe.   He brings to light all the unsung heroes.  Yes, HEROES!!!  That hero could very well be you, and if so, "THANK YOU!!!!"

Mr. Rowe, keep doing what you’re doing...bringing light to a world that at times seems to be in darkness. Thank you for creating Dirty Jobs and dedicating time to present an awareness of such opportunities to the masses.

Whenever I watch the news media it saddens me to see so much focus on the negativity and yet all along there is so much good happening all around us.  We trust perfect strangers to do their job and do it well.   If it weren't for their dedication, pride and integrity where would we be?   Take a moment and think about it, really, where would we be?

This winter season share a smile or a hug and say thank you to all those unsung heroes who works and makes our daily lives so livable.

"THANK YOU for doing what you do best."
~Evelyn Nelson