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Part 1: Maker Faire... WOW

                              AUSTIN CITY
                           MAKER FAIRE

Today I had the best time wondering around and about at the Maker Faire sponsored by Make magazine


                             Phillip Torrone   

I met Phillip Torrone Senior Editor of Make magazine. We chatted for a while.  It was a very exciting moment since this is the first time Make magazine's Maker Faire Event is held in Austin, Texas.  Actually, first time outside of California. Phillip commented how great this country is were anyone could start their own business.  He said opportunities are everywhere and there are great people designing kits.  I agreed. I was quite happy to see a good turn out and more importantly to see a good amount of children at this event.

What we saw? Website are enclosed with each exhibitor.  

The most unusual vehicles ever.  There was a van so impressive it was covered completely with all sorts of camera and LCDs with Video of the creater showing off how they did it.  As you see, this one was quite popular. There were more just as interesting and colorful vechiles.

              Camera Van 
                 Von Tiki
It was a gorgeous day at the Travis County Expo Center.  The sky was clear and the Sun wasn't as blazing. 
Great day to participate and explore.  Here's a view of downtown Austin when I went to see the sky rockets being launched off. Sweet.

                         Austin Skyline
                       3, 2, 1 ..... Blast OFF

I was like a child in a candy store.  So many things to see, explore and learn. The following photos will give you an idea briefly of my adventures:

                         This is Lady Ada
        Showing LED MiniPOV3 Kit 
Lady Ada design and sell kits that teaches you about persistance of vision while you learn about soldering and microcontrollers.  Visit her website ADAFRUIT.com   Very cool place to learn microchips.

Karl Papadantonakis

Blue LED Clock Display

Another designer using LED's is Karl Papadantonakis from LEDkit.biz.  He designed a solderless LED clock kit. After you work with ihis kit you can then make a bigger clock as seen above.

David Nunes 

         Ron watching the puppet moving.

 Isn't he cute?

Meet David Nunes of Las dela Maquina.  He's design a device using servos to moves the puppet via his computer. The puppet seems almost life like.  I'm looking forward to his show. 

The creative juices flowing in midstream as I walked from one location to another. 

         Ron, John and Robot
         Dark Planet model
This time I met John Partick Funk.  He's models are a work of art and a labour of love. I was most impressed on the detailed some of his models.  But his Robot just floored me.  It was made of several different toy parts. He's working on a film called "Quest for the Dark Planet."  One to keep your eyes on. 

When I was on the main floor, I met Harnish and Sam from Octopart.  Harnish asked me if I had a part number for him to demonstrate how easy is to search for a part number using their search engine.  I replied without hesistation PIC16F73.  Both Harnish and Sam were please that I responded with a part number since most people they asked could not recall one.  Sam entered the information into Octopart and within second the site displayed most of the distributors that sold this part.   Awesome!!! This is something that I could sure use.

            Harnish, Sam and Ron
I loved it even more because once you have your part list you can save it or publish it especially for those hobby designer making kits.  Octopart consolidate all your parts searches into one location. Very sweet.

I'll post Part 2 soon.  Enjoy for now.  

Here's a quote I came up with that I live by::

"We only live once and to dwell on anything for too long is to cheat yourself of more powerful life experiences.
Live each moment for what it is and open yourself to the unexpected."
~Evelyn Nelson
   Copyright 2007

         (c) 2006-Current -All context and photos by Sybarite13




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