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Part 2: Maker Faire... WOW

              Continuation from 
      Part 1: Maker Faire... Wow
Maker Faire has so much to offer such as electronic kits, crafts, music, food, workshops, books and the opportunity mentor young minds and inspire them to do more.  Earlier I mention how great it was to see children roaming around and having so much fun.  
They were learning about molding technique, joyriding on robots, desiring that cool LED light up bicycle, learning to solder,  getting creatives ideas with Tinker Toys and learning how to modify a flash light to use laser pointer which project messages onto walls.  Note: Further discussion on this workshop in Part 3.
Jed Berk the designer of the Autonomous Blimp showing youngest how to assemble the kits and they test it together.  This kits is very popular with the children as seen in the above photos.

I watched a young girl amazed by the Robot.  She was at that exhibit for quite a while watching the Robet move, talk and change moods.  It was almost like watch that movie I-Robot with Will Smith.
Another young man was completely absorb playing the PVC tubes. It reminded me of the Blue Man Group's performance in Chicago, Illinois.  We looped around the facility and he was still there playing.

Speaking of sound,  I saw the most interesting instruments it's called a Planck.  The designer Seven Sexton was playing the Planck.  The sound was memorizing.  It's hard to describe the uniqueness of the sound generated by the Planck. Furthermore, it's not quite a guitar, electric guitar, Japanese koto, dulcimer or even a lap harp. As you can see:
One particular young chid loves to play the guitar and asked if he could try it.  He held it as a guitar and the most awful sound came out. Horrible.  Seven explained it's a lap instructment and it does take awhile to get used to the new fingering techniques and the paddles but one you get over the hump it's very enjoyable to play.  This same child had earlier played with the Theremin.  He was having a blast moving his arms this way and that way. 
Behind the Planck Instrument exhibit was another more insane display.  There were at least five Tesla Coils ranging in sizes but no smaller than your head and several Jacob's Ladders. 
 </lj-embed>                          Solid State Musical Tesla Coil 
This was sponsored by the Avalon Research Group and the show they gave blew me away.  Not only where they using these devices to play music but the souncd that it generated was insanely loud.  I felt a rumbling at the base of my foot climbing up my leg.   Not even a minute went by that they had a large crowd listening and watch the sparks of volts above the Telsa coils in amazment.

One of the most curious method of playing an instrument was performed by Corey Fogel.  He calls it Purl Drums. You'll see.   What a challenge to knit and play the drums.  He sounded pretty good.

And speaking of performing artist:
    Halloween or Day of the Dead Band
                              Rude Mechanicals

So much to see and explore.  I'm glad the Maker Faire is all weekend long.  There's a large crowd.  
People were very friendly and helpful.

Next and final Part 3: Maker Faire... WOW
         (c) 2006-Current -All context and photos by Sybarite13




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