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Part 3: Maker Faire... WOW

Continuation from 
      Part 1: Maker Faire... Wow
      Part 2: Maker Faire... Wow


Several crafts, workshops and demonstrations throughout Maker Faire.   

At the craft side people were learning to make all sorts of things whether it's new or used.  
From knitting, weaving,  funky eyewear, to forging people were participating and enjoy the moment.

As we wondered through the PreFab and Workshop section we saw two booth showing 
of their PreFab for the home or small business.   
The guys from Automated Creation Technologies was demonstrating their Fab@Home 3D Production Platform
as seen above.  They were having difficulty with the syringe but when it worked it was neat to see it making something.

Next came Koba Industries, Chris Ball and Kenji Kondo were very helpful.  They explained how the Fab@home works, what materials it uses, and how safe it is.  We watched the Fab@home making their logo as shown above.
They also have a laser cutter and they work with designers to bring the creative ideas to fruition such as the boards displayed behind Chris.

Now for the workshop, Perry S. Kaye from Think,Solve,Do! Inc. (TM)  did a presentation on how to quickly prototype.
Perry talked about the feel of a product and how to quickly mimic that feel with various techniques.  
An example of a mimic product passed around.  Notice the focused young boy as he holds a prototype sissors.  

He showed his audience how to mold any objects.  Here's a few photos showing the steps.
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In this case, Perry is molding a miniture car.  I love seeing children being mentally stimulated.  
The excitement of knowing that you can make something all your own is quite trilling. 
jguk ewoah
Perry removes the molded miniture car and passed it around.  I can only imagine what was going through the boy's mind.  All sorts of stuff I know I was already thinking of molding my own action figure or symbol.  Kinda like the one young couple mentioned earlier molding Batarangs. ;-)  So cool.  I'm sure if more children knew how easy it is to do they would want to learn. 
asienwejgkig winagp
Perry showed us how easy it is to prototype.   He went from an illustrration of an existing product to modified new product as shown above.  Similar discussion to getting the proper feel of the handle quick and dirty but eventually modifying it for a better optimal comfortable device.  The molding is the new handle design allowing more flexability without losing the grip. 
ioaghn sdfdex
He's workshop brought in several people and afterwards most stuck around (just like myself) asking more questions 
and getting even more demostrations.  He showed us what could be done with a Scroll Saw (which is first prize) and 
allowed a few to use the Scroll Saw.  He gave tips and trick when working with wood. The boy was curious about 
Laser Flash Projectors that Perry invented.  Perry showed him the guts of it and satisfied his curiousity. Sweet.

The end is near. As I leave the buildings and work my way through to the parking lot I stop and take this last photo.
It's beautifully done. Larger than life and yet this whole experience was in a way Larger than Life.

I pause and look around.  I see people of all walks of life, family with children, teenagers, 
young adults and senior citizens all interacting and enjoying this special event. 

I would like to take this moment and say " Thank You "  to Make Magazine / Maker Faire 
and it's sponsors for bringing together the experts, the innovators, the artist, the musicians, 
the performers, the educators and so many more to Austin, Tx.

I personally appreciate all the people mentioned in my post for taking the time to answer my insane 
questions, making recommendations and being so helpful.  This motivates me to help motivate 
others to pursue their dreams.  

All of you are an inspiration and may you continue to show your stuff and mentally stimulate those 
individuals who have just enough curiousity to pursue it and "Make" something. ~ Evelyn Nelson


As I was working on my journal posting my experience at Maker Faire around 4:30pm. I got a called.
It was Perry Kaye from the Workshop calling to inform me that I was the winner.  
Wow, a Dremel Srollsaw Station.  Ron and I swung by his area to pick up the prize:
                                   1st  Prize Winner

 18' Variable Speed Scroll Station
 Many thanks to:
             Perry S. Kaye from Think,Solve,Do! Inc. (TM)   
             Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 


Wondering how the winner was selected?
Here is Perry's email reply:

Everyone may want to know how you were selected as a winner. Here is how the process was performed. The “drawing” selection was done completely at random using 3 pennies and a piece of paper with numbers on it. The entries were numbered from 0 up. Each person had an equal chance of winning. The coins were dropped, from about 1 foot above the paper and they landed on the numbers 1, 2 and 4. Since just about 200 people registered your number 124 was the only number that matched. If multiple numbers were selected we would have made a new piece of paper, containing only the potential winner, and dropped 1 coin to select the final winner. You won on the first try! All in all... It was neat and fun and CONTRATULATIONS!

KEEP up the great work.


         (c) 2006-Current -All context and photos by Sybarite13



Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks, It's a little heavy. I was impressed by how quiet it is. It sounds like a sewing machine. :-)



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